“The Esboços” Call for Papers: “Many Cold Wars: Re-­conceptualizing the Post-­WWII World”

Special Issue

“Many Cold Wars: Re-conceptualizing the Post-WWII World”


Sidnei J. Munhoz (Universidade Estadual de Maringá/ Brown University)
Masuda Hajimu (National University of Singapore)

Special Issue Aim and Theme Description

A quarter century has passed since the Cold War ended. As the frenzy associated
with it now appears odd, if not surreal, the nature of inquiry cannot be the same.
It’s time to change our ways of thinking about the Cold War. To this end, we will
co-edit a special issue on “Many Cold Wars: Re-conceptualizing the Post-WWII
World” for The Esboços, one of the leading historical magazines in Brazil. The key
questions we hope to examine are: How did local situations contribute to the
shaping and maintenance of the Cold War? In what ways did local people utilize,
or even take advantage of Cold War narratives? How can we re-conceptualize the
Cold War? How have the studies of the Cold War developed in the last two
decades, and what possible directions can we explore further?

In short, what we will attempt to do is to question the standard narrative of the
Cold War, shedding light on diverse social conflicts, culture wars, and historical
struggles at home that have often been obscured under the Cold War mantle. In
doing so, we hope to draw attention to many “Cold Wars,” seen from many
different places and diverse points of view, and fought for various purposes in
many parts of the world. Ultimately we hope to foster discussions that will
question the standard Cold War narrative that prioritizes the US-USSR conflict as
the most important current in the history of the second half of the twentieth

Themes of the Special Issue

Possible themes for the special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Historiography of the Cold War
  • Colonialism and Decolonization
  • Localized Cold War
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Racism and Ethnic Division
  • Immigration Disputes
  • Social Order and Domestic Purge
  • Radical Right and Grassroots Conservatives
  • Ordinary People’s Violence
  • Everyday politics of the Cold War
  • Culture Wars
  • Literature
  • Arts and Music
  • Popular Culture
  • Mass Media
  • Science and Technology
  • Politics of Remembering and Forgetting

Journal and Submission Information

The Esboços is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Federal University of
Santa Catarina, Brazil. The journal has been publishing articles mostly in
Portuguese, but it is currently committed to increasing publications in Spanish
and English. Thus, the journal now accepts articles not only in Portuguese but
also in Spanish and English. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1
August 2016. All submissions, as well as previous expressions of interest,
should be sent to: manycoldwars@gmail.com

Guidelines for authors

  1. Manuscripts should be original and not published in any other magazine.
  2. Manuscripts should be in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  3. Manuscripts must be typed, A4 size, 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman 12, with 2.5 cm margins.
  4. Manuscripts should be 15 to 25 pages, and not exceed 50,000 characters, including blanks.
  5. Manuscripts must be submitted as Word or rich text format (rtf) files and as email attachments to: manycoldwars@gmail.com
  6. Text cannot include footnotes. All informative and bibliographic notes must be endnotes.
  7. Manuscripts cannot have bibliographies, references, or lists of sources at the end. Only endnotes will be accepted.
  8. Images, when necessary, should be inserted within the text in JPG format, with 200 dpi resolution.
  9. Manuscripts should have 250-word abstracts and four to five keywords.

For any inquiries and further assistance, please contact the co-editors of the special issue: Professor Sidnei J. Munhoz at: <sidnei_munhoz@brown.edu> and Dr. Masuda Hajimu at: <hishm@nus.edu.sg>.

See PDF file here.
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