“The Early Cold War” Chapter

“The Early Cold War: Studies of Cold War America in the Twenty-first Century” A Companion to U.S. Foreign Relations: Colonial Era to the Present (2020)


“Studies of the Cold War have been flourishing and diversifying in the twenty‐first century, with the rise of new “turns” and focuses. These have included a domestic‐politics turn, a religious turn, a Latin America turn, and an imperial turn, as well as growing interests in childhood, sexuality, and immigration, and already‐prevailing attentions to race, gender, and labor. Thus, today, a myriad of topics is considered relevant to the Cold War: gays and lesbians, white supremacism, and Mexican immigrants, as well as parenting, evangelicalism, and even vaginal orgasm and impotence. Furthermore, scholars have been attempting to reconceptualize the Cold War. At the same time, there has been a backlash against these trends. How have we arrived here? This chapter traces recent scholarship on Cold War America, aiming to show how the field has developed in recent years, what kinds of problems we face today, and where we can go from here.”

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